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We design and produce actionable change journeys on a team-based level, moving from training to workflow design to incremental iterative change loops.

Reinventing team design & workflow

Project acceleration & change loops

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Change Journeys.

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Project Acceleration

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Modular change programs to accelerate transformation. ⭐️

A change journey can come in many different forms. At BIA we believe in team- and project-level change loops. We co-design these journeys together with Transformation & HR Leaders, and Business Leads, creating a blend of training, workflow re-design, project acceleration, and change communities.

Teams are the perfect starting point for transformation. Whether functional silo or a cross-functional unit, the members are busy with line and project work, touchpoints to outside, and “work about work”. We help you rethink team organisation, workflows, and project management.

We are especially excited about creating change through actual business projects. We can drastically increase productivity through agile principles, productivity techniques, and better collaboration. All whilst we accelerate the progress of your actual priority projects.

Creating communities is not a nice-to-have, it is paramount for participatory, incremental, and iterative change loops. Cohorts & communities bring life to your change journey and increase the speed of implementation, all while creating a sense of belonging for your members.


So much more than
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Our Future of Work Circle

Join our New Work & Leadership community experimentation lab.

We are constantly on the lookout for new principles and practices that empower better organisations – from hybrid practices to collaboration formats to HR tools and so much more. We create events, faciliate recurring workshops for HR and Transformation Managers, plan to launch a video podcast, and work on our content and formats catalogue. Join us for an event to get to know us and what we care about.

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