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Moving from buzzwords to your own productivity revolution.

We translate New Work ideas, startup mindset, and agile methodologies into actionable practices for business leaders to instantly boost your team’s productivity and performance.

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Drag & Drop system to tailor your perfect program

You choose your formats, your content, and the community involved – and our Program Designer will craft a beautiful narrative and actionable agenda for your journey.

Create a mix of engaging and powerful formats for your journey, building on your ley learning objectives. Our formats are based one of the key objectives: Teach, Apply, Create, Connect. Your participants will leave our trainings energized and motivated!

We love creating mixed content sets of traditional themes and modern methodologies. Creating relatability around the themes and having honest conversations of actionability in your organisation are key to crafting the message and altitude on the content syllabus.

We one hundred percent believe in cohort based learning spread through a period of time instead of one-off activities. Creating internal communities of peers and likeminds, but also connecting to the outside world will help your Leaders to get more concrete and actionable.

So much more than
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Our innovative learning formats

Every training journey should have clear learning objectives in mind, targeted for your participant cohorts. Building on this objective, our Designers will create an innovative mix to Teach, Apply, Create, Connect. Our training experiences are far from traditional, they will leave you surprised, energized, and motivated.

Co-design your own program with us. We work with journeys of all sizes, from half-day engagement to year-long programs with multiple cohorts. Our modern learning formats have been tested with and loved by large organisations as well as growing tech startups and scale-ups. All formats can be applied in person or virtually.


Our lectures are designed to build confidence and allow for enough reflection and discussion time. We love Masterclasses that blend traditional and essential but also modern and provocative pieces of the puzzle.



Instantly apply the learned material in individual worksheets and engaging and fun group exercises, allowing for self-reflection and adoption to your organisation’s realities, challenges, and opportunities.



Learning from the best, both from their successes and their failures. We love bringing in practitioners with a great story to tell. One that inspires, but also creates relatability to your organisation.

Case study


Get instant feedback from your trainer and peers on your implementation, or discuss a challenge that you currently have on your desk. This format guarantees traction for implementation.

Group Coaching


One of the most valuable things for our participants is to talk to each other, discuss challenges, and ideate on solutions. As peers, in an informal, but facilitated conversation.

Peer Coaching


Embarque on a faciliated and targeted coaching group, where every partcipant aims to reach their next level. Each participant supports everyone in the group with advice and network, and creates community traction.

Growth Circles


Work on a specific challenge and follow the inspiring innovation method “Sprint”, following the double diamond principle and going from problem to solution in the shortest amount of time.



Co-development is one of our most cherished formats. Discuss a challenge you are facing in real life (“bring what’s on your desk”) and work together with your peers to solve the problem.



Create traction in your cohort and beyond by nurturing light-hearted community engagements, from Slack/Teams channels to Communities of Practice, to cross-funcational interest groups, up to peer coaching groups.



Create auhentic content by spotlighting makers in your organisation and beyond. Create a culture of sharing with demo days, success stories, fuck-up stories, up to your own internal transformation podcast.



Immerse in our network of large organisations, startups, scale-ups and meet Change Makers in your industry and beyond. Meeting inspiring people and companies boosts motivation and engagement.



Co-design the details of your journey: All in one bootcamp vs spread out program, virtual vs in-person, live or pre-recorded, micro-learning vs in-depth sessions, + cohort size and group sizes.

Journey Design


Our trending content library

Designing the right content is one of the hardest but also most enjoyable things we do. Winning content is actionable, today not tomorrow! We develop content that is on the perfect altitude for Managers and Leaders, focusing on teams instead of organisations or individuals.

Our Designers will tailor a content plan for your organisation that is as relevant as it can get, building on our modules, your objectives, and participant interviews. Is something missing? Let’s create it! We work with amazing external coaches and trainers across all imaginable training themes.


Let’s start the productivity revolution! We will cover how to organise your projects, kill all meetings, create a more focused workflow, communicate digitally, and faciliate role-based teams design.

Effective Teams


New Work can mean so many different things. Let’s scope it together: how does it effects our worklife, and what we can apply today to become more purposeful and increase our performance at the same time.

New Work & Leadership


Learn the fundamentals of decision making for small and big moments. Mitigate the risks of unconsious biases. And apply new forms of shared and team-based decision making.

Decision Making


This module is for great for new Managers and an important refresher for seasoned Leaders: How do I give feedback, how do I nurture a Coaching relationship, and what is my own leadership style?

Great Managers


What do agile, or even holacratic organisations look like? What can we learn from agile methodologies like Scrum? This module is designed for team and org level productivity boosts.

Agile Organisations


The post-pandemic workplace is hybrid: Let’s look at a variety of good practices for remote work, digital collaboration, and hybrid facilitation. What will you apply tomorrow?

Hybrid Workplace


How do we apply an agile management flow, and how can we be more goal oriented? How do we quantify our goals? Let’s demistify the OKR model.

Goal setting & OKRs


What does a modern Innovation Organisation look like, and how do we process an innovation funnel? How do we apply Design Thinking, and how do we collaborate with (other) startups?

Innovation Management


Understand how startups think, the methodologies they use, and the paradigms of the Venture Capital industry and our startup ecosystem. Bonus: Learn how to pitch like a startup!

Startup Universe


The term VUCA drops in every management training, but what do we do with it? Engage in a reflective module and discuss with your peers about the nature of your organisation’s decisions and strategies.

Managing Uncertainty


What are the paradigms of digital business models, and what is the new digital ecosystem that our economy is based on? Dive deeper into the world of digital and assess your organisation’s role in it.

Digital Strategy


How do we make change stick? Let’s look at transformation architecture that works, whether you are looking to change how to facilitate meetings, or you are transforming your organisations!

Change Management




Our Future of Work Circle

Join our New Work & Leadership community experimentation lab.

We are constantly on the lookout for new principles and practices that empower better organisations – from hybrid practices to collaboration formats to HR tools and so much more. We create events, faciliate recurring workshops for HR and Transformation Managers, plan to launch a video podcast, and work on our content and formats catalogue. Join us for an event to get to know us and what we care about.

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