Ideation day: Cities and businesses after Covid

When innovation is your business you have to think faster and react to a constantly changing environment. In the last 3 months since Covid-19 came into our life, we all had to react quickly. We would like to believe that no one was left behind, but in reality, many...

The Journey to Building a Tech MVP

As a part of the Smart City Hub we got approached by Fujitsu RunMyProcess with a challenge that wanted to address management of buildings. Read more on how we facilitated anMVP for them with different startups from the sector.

How our startups shape the future of Berlin?

Future City Incubator teams have big plans for their future as entrepreneurs. In the next 8 months they will work hard to grow from the inside to the outside and build sturdy scalable businesses that will make our life in the city easier.

Welcome our Teams

In the past months, we received more than 130 applications for the first batch of the Future City Incubator. Find out who got into the first batch of our Incubator.

Fujitsu & RunMyProcess Startup Challenge

RunMyProcess, a Low-Code application process for enterprise companies, together with Fujitsu Japan are seeking qualified applications by startups to co-develop and deploy solutions in the smart city context.

Daimler Challenge – Pattern-detection in tourist-flows

A corporate startup of Daimler is creating an app-based platform for local exploration that allows users to discover nearby experiences in venues such as bars, restaurants, pop-up stores or museums and obtain rewards for visiting that they can redeem at a later point.