New work hub

New Work is the pursuit of purpose and performance at the workplace, for both humans and the organisation. We believe that we are only at the beginning of the transformation of our work culture, experimenting with and building bridges between New Work Mindsets, to Productivity Techniques, to Agile Organisations. The world of work will never be the same, and this makes us optimistic.


Public meetups to develop a prominent new work ecosystem encouraging collaboration and exchange.


Design thinking ideation workshops across stakeholders to co-ideate, connect and create synergies


Time-boxed challenges to encourage experimentation on better work techniques and organisations.


Tailored events and programs to promote diversity, inclusion, and a better way of working.

New Work Hub Themes

So much more than
just a community 🖤

Our Network

Our innovation hub community is the fuel of everything we do.

Across a variety of programs and circles, we bring people from all industries and sectors together. We have created one of the most diverse and impactful ecosystems in Europe. Engage our community for your own initiatives. We are your gateway to our amazing ecosystem.

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