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Innovation Workshop


Every few weeks, we organise a community workshop to bring together bright and hungry minds working in their organisations on themes such as Innovation Management, Digital Business Models, Intraprapreneurship, or Corporate Startup collaboration.

In 2-4 hours, we listen to fresh impulses and launch into fun and inspiring peer workshops on trending themes. Sometime virtual, sometimes in person. Check out our next dates.

These events are free and invite-only. If you are interested in joining, please contact us.


We change the agenda and experiment with new formats and new content all the time, but we usually keep this core structure:

  • Impulse by BIA
  • Impulse by Community Member
  • Creative Workshop
  • Networking


Darius Moeini

Darius Moeini is our founder and lead trainer for many of our courses. As an ex startup executive and ex corporate consultant, he has mastered the craft to translate startup mindset, new work principles, and agile methodologies into the most actionable way for managers in business functions.

Our Coaches

Our trainings are co-designed and co-facilitated with entrepreneurs and corporate practitioners. Whether for case studies, fuck up stories, or lecture and workshop facilitation, we’ll make sure to bring inspiring people into your training.

Advance your career with a certificate from an up and coming online school developed by Entrepreneurs instead of teachers!

Get access to frequent group coaching and peer coaching calls across topics to further your knowledge and get direct feedback on your work.

Join a community of like-minded leaders and change makers. Engage in your cohort and beyond in our extended community.

So much more than
just a training 🖤

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