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We are unbelievable proud of our ecosystem of coaches and partners that co-facilitate our innovation, change, and training journeys. We work with the best-in-class of the local scene and beyond, and function as a gateway into the ecosystem for our clients. Reach out to us with the form below if you’re interested in hiring a coach, whether for a 1-day workshop or a long-term project. 

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Our BIA & Partner Coaches

Darius Moeini

Darius Moeini

Future of Work

Jörn-Hendrik Ast image

Jörn-Hendrik Ast


Christoph Raethke image

Christoph Raethke


Rakesh Kasturi

Rakesh Kasturi


Arndt Schwaiger

Arndt Schwaiger


Miriam Wilhelm image

Miriam Wilhelm

New Work

Heike Ehmann image

Heike Ehmann


Evgeni Kouris image new

Evgeni Kouris