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Future of Cities Outlook 2021 – Startup Slam

Crises drive us to reflect and rethink our old ways of living, which in turn results in innovation and adaptation of new structures. Every challenge is also an opportunity. How will Berlin look like in the year 2022? – Come and discuss future scenarios in a post-pandemic era.

Future of Cities (2)

Part 2 – My New Work Manifesto

Dear New Work aficionados, in Part 1 of my New Work article I explained to you what the buzzword New Work is all about and what it’s like to work in a New Work agency by practicing what you preach. But now you’re probably wondering: why did New Work emerge as such a powerful cultural…

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Berlin Innovation Agency

Meet our teams: Asumma – A tech-enabled house builder

Join the growing movement of people who are investing in their own lives, families, and well-being. We offer you an architecturally inspiring home that is also affordable.

The Asumma home is practical, thoughtfully engineered, and energy efficient. We make your purchase transparent, easy to understand, and effortless.

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Meet our teams: Assetbird – Acquiring the best assets

Assetbird is one such unique startup that offers a specialized collaborative solution for acquisition teams of real estate companies to acquire better. Assetbird provides users the right information, team members, communication, and documents linked together throughout the acquisition process. Investors of all sizes and investment strategies use Assetbird to connect their teams, unify their systems and take their business to the next level.

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Part 1 – A Day in the Life of a New Worker

If you’re a geek about innovation, the modern economy and the new shifts in patterns of working life (like me) you’ve probably seen the term New Work popping up everywhere on your LinkedIn and Instagram…but what is New Work? Is it just a descriptive term? Is there a bigger concept behind the buzz phrase? And…

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Interviews on New Work – meet Darius Moeini

In the run up to our soon-to-launch digital masterclass New Work in Action, we wanted to gather and share some of the thoughts and wise words of our extensive network of coaches, and we would also like to introduce you to them. So meet our first coach – Darius Moeini, founder and CEO of Berlin…

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Berlin Innovation Agency Venture Studio copy

Meet our teams: WunderTree – Delivering a sustainable Christmas

With the Christmas time coming, we all start to think about this wonderful time of the year. We all want to make it perfect when it comes to the presents and the time spent with our families. But did you know that each year there are thousands of dry Christmas trees on the streets of Berlin?

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Meet our teams: Hiive – New home for bees

Everybody wants to save the world, but unless you are superwomen, saving the world can be quite of a hassle… However, small actions can make big waves and one of those inspiring projects who aim to make waves is HIIVE.

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Hiive @ BIA

Meet our teams: Calima – Feeling safer with a simple app

You don’t have to be in a risk group or a danger zone to think about safety. We are all exposed to risky situations inside or outside the work place and yet companies spend very little time thinking on how to prevent these situations from happening or escalating.

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Calima @ BIA

Meet our teams: Taking Advantage of Empty Space in the City

Meet our teams: kawaloo is one of the teams in our Future City Incubator. The startup is an online marketplace enabling users to rent or lease unused space via a digital platform.

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Kawaloo - Future city incubator BIA

Smart City Meetup – Resilient Cities

Crises drive us to reflect and rethink our old ways of living, which in turn results in innovation and adaptation of new structures. Every challenge is also an opportunity. How will Berlin look like in the year 2022? – Come and discuss future scenarios in a post-pandemic era.


Ideation day: Cities and businesses after Covid

When innovation is your business you have to think faster and react to a constantly changing environment. In the last 3 months since Covid-19 came into our life, we all had to react quickly. We would like to believe that no one was left behind, but in reality, many of us are struggling to adapt to the new reality.

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The Journey to Building a Tech MVP

As a part of the Smart City Hub we got approached by Fujitsu RunMyProcess with a challenge that wanted to address management of buildings. Read more on how we facilitated anMVP for them with different startups from the sector.

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Post-Pandemic cities – Future scenarios

In the last few weeks we have been washed by a wave of predictions from academics, consultants, politicians and other public figures, offering their 2 cents on how our cities will look like in the post-pandemic era. 

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Smart City Ideation Workshop: Cities after COVID-19

Cities have been greatly impacted by the Coronavirus. This also opens an opportunity to re-think our cities. We will discuss how we can learn from this situation for the betterment of our cities.

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How our startups shape the future of Berlin?

Future City Incubator teams have big plans for their future as entrepreneurs. In the next 8 months they will work hard to grow from the inside to the outside and build sturdy scalable businesses that will make our life in the city easier.

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Welcome our Teams

In the past months, we received more than 130 applications for the first batch of the Future City Incubator. Find out who got into the first batch of our Incubator.

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BIA releases startup accelerator program Future City Incubator_

Can cities adapt to the new jobs crisis?

In the year 2018, humanity is in the midst of the third industrial revolution, and in some places it is taking the first steps in the fourth (cyber physical systems). The process of computerization and automation has affected almost all industries in the last three decades, and it is far from slowing down.


Smart City Hub – Online Meetup

Smart City Hub is a program facilitated by Berlin Innovation Agency. Together with our partners – Berlin Partner, ALBA, Fujitsu, and more – we work on connecting like-minded innovators to solve urban challenges and improve the quality of city life.


Releasing our signature startup program: Future City Incubator

Future City Incubator has started its open call looking for  pre-seed startup companies with focus on smart cities.
We have our finger on the pulse of times and know what it means: Berlin has a lot and can do even more!

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BIA releases startup accelerator program Future City Incubator_

New Work Confessions

New Work Confessions is a series of free public events filled with honest stories during which professionals from different worlds share their experience, learnings, success and failures.


Smart City Meetup

On February 25th, we invite you to the next Smart City Meetup. This time we will focus on funding and the support for startups in smart city sector.


Fujitsu & RunMyProcess Startup Challenge

RunMyProcess, a Low-Code application process for enterprise companies, together with Fujitsu Japan are seeking qualified applications by startups to co-develop and deploy solutions in the smart city context.

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Alba Challenge: Waste Trucks as Sensor Platforms

ALBA Group, a leading global recycling and environmental services company with headquarters in Berlin is seeking qualified applications by startups to co-develop and deploy solutions that turn recycling vehicles into smart sensor platforms.

BIA Challenge with ALBA - Challenge finished

Daimler Challenge – Pattern-detection in tourist-flows

A corporate startup of Daimler is creating an app-based platform for local exploration that allows users to discover nearby experiences in venues such as bars, restaurants, pop-up stores or museums and obtain rewards for visiting that they can redeem at a later point.

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BIA Challenge with Daimler - Challenge finished

The next step for connectivity in cities: 5G

One big technology that is disrupting this ecosystem is the Internet of Things (IoT) or the network of smart devices that collects and shares data to each other. The future of IoT is unlimited.

A new sector for cross-industry innovation

A new sector for cross-industry innovation – Keynote by Darius Moeini

Think of a connected city – instead of a connected mobility system. Be a collaborative company.

A new sector for cross-industry innovation - Keynote by Darius Moeini

BIA welcomes 2020 & FUTURE CITY Incubator launch

We are excited to kickoff 2020 with a new corporate program DNA and a brand new startup incubation program. And we’d love to celebrate with you, our beloved community.

BIA welcomes 2020 & FUTURE CITY Incubator launch

New Leadership: Monsters Inc. Theory

Read more about how the funny monsters become THE stars of the energy industry and what it has to do with real life business.

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New Leadership Theory