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Stress resilience through personalized breathwork

Read about the inspiring journey of the Resonance team, Tung Nguyen Thanh, Colin Böhning and Julian Gentges, and how they use breathwork and heart rate analysis in building resilience against stress.


What are you working on?

Resonance is a mobile application that enables people to measure and improve stress resilience through personalized breath work and heart rate data analysis.

What is your killer value proposition and who are you building it for?

We help people live longer and healthier by enabling them to quantify and manage their stress resiliency through personalized health insights and evidence-based breathing exercises from the worlds of top sports and clinical psychology. We made a mobile app that uses heart rate data to track and manage stress and help people deal with it by offering them personalized breathing exercises.

Why does this matter and why are you the right team to drive this forward?

Stress and mental health are worsening. They are linked to and exacerbate major diseases. The pandemic of stress and mental illness has arrived. Mobile stress management apps are not scientific and rely on one-size-fits-all approaches.

Our team is an excellent fit to tackle this problem, and we were able to build Resonance due to a combination of strong complementary skills. The founders previously worked at successful Berlin startups such as Dance and Razor Group. Our CPO has a unique background in meditation, biology, and design, while our CTO brings expertise in computer science and theoretical medicine. Our data scientist has a background in physics from his studies at Cambridge and has experience building complex machine-learning projects.

What are the next big milestones you have to reach?

As we move forward with our business, we have several key milestones on the horizon. Our top priority is achieving product market fit, and we are actively working towards this goal. We also have a waitlist of 2000 people that we are excited to onboard and gather feedback from to implement in the next versions of our product. Finally, we are thrilled to announce that we will be implementing courses with breath work coaches to enhance our customers’ experience and improve their mental and physical wellbeing

Share with the audience a particular moment that inspired you during the Future Health Accelerator.

Being part of a cohort of strong startups such as Mama Health and The Blood has allowed us to learn from and collaborate with them and see how they integrate AI and healthcare technology. The feedback from our coaches, particularly Ehsan, has helped us approach problem-solving with new perspectives and think outside of the box. This has ultimately led to our acceptance into an amazing accelerator program, Techstars.

Would you like to share anything else?

It would be lovely if you tested our latest beta version


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