Future City Incubator teams: Waste Reduction

Waste Reduction’s goal is to accelerate the transformation towards a circular economy by offering a holistic plastic compensation, which enables both industry and consumers to immediately counter today’s plastic crisis. Waste Reduction applies the logic of CO2 compensation to the plastic industry to achieve a reduction in plastic footprint.

Future City Incubator teams: Digital Rheuma Lab

One of the strengths of this company is its interdisciplinary team working together to create smart software solutions with the mission to improve the daily life of people affected by rheumatic diseases. In the long term, they would like to contribute to fueling research, exploring new evidence, and improving...

Future City Incubator teams: ECOPALS

EcoPals addresses the plastic waste streams that were not recyclable – until now. They alleviate costs from waste management companies associated with the disposal of non-recyclable plastics by transforming these plastics into a value-add in the road construction industry.

Future City Incubator teams: morpheus

Morpheus challenges to switch to 100 % real renewable energy in an easy, simple, and transparent way in order to cut fossil fuels as soon as possible. Morpheus contributes to a sustainable and brighter future trying to stop the climate crisis.

Future City Incubator teams: KEEP SYSTEMS

“Data protection is not only a cost for companies, but it’s also an opportunity” Nowadays companies must communicate and improve how they manage customer data, but at the same time, data is in silos with no way of efficiently retrieving it when needed. KEEP Systems is automating this process and...

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Future of Cities Outlook 2021 – Startup Slam

Crises drive us to reflect and rethink our old ways of living, which in turn results in innovation and adaptation of new structures. Every challenge is also an opportunity. How will Berlin look like in the year 2022? - Come and discuss future scenarios in a post-pandemic era.