We are an agency & academy on a mission to create better organizations.

Everything we do, we do because we believe that a better world needs better organizations. Nurturing New Work mindsets, agile frameworks, and startup techniques in larger organizations has proven to be an extremely effective way to accelerate the cultural transformation towards purposeful, action-driven, fast, and resilient companies. As an agency, we are fully committed to helping create better organizations. At heart, we are Program Architects. We design and execute end-to-end program journeys for our corporate clients and for our own signature programs. We love staffing our projects with startup executives, corporate experts, and practitioners from our communities in Berlin and beyond. We are a full-hearted ecosystem company. We are proud of our startup history and DNA, yet have become obsessed with unlocking impact and transformation potential in corporate middle management and executive leadership.

Meet our
lovely people

Darius Moeini


Usually somewhere close to a whiteboard, designing program and business architecture. Can’t stop talking about New Leadership.

Florencia Fedel


Florencia manages our startup initiatives, supporting our teams’ ventures. When she is not in Berlin, you can usually find her deep in the water chasing corals and colorful fish.

Our history

Before our agency journey started, we were busy building startups around location-based services, e-commerce, travel commerce, and content platforms. Our know-how is rooted in Entrepreneurship and our DNA is clearly startup. That’s why we are especially proud of our development into a boutique agency and academy for corporate change makers.

BIA 2019+

Reorganization into BIA, an independent agency and academy with a mission to create better organizations.

Joint venture with French startup hub to develop Berlin-based international startup and corporate innovation programs.

2017-2019 Numa Germany
Berlin Startup Consulting 2014-2017

Supported over 50 startups in Berlin and globally, from one-day strategy bootcamps to multi-million Euro fundraising projects.

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